Atin Batra – VC, trail runner

El Capitan - Atin Batra

Atin Batra is the Founder & General Partner at 27V (Twenty Seven Ventures), a VC firm investing in early-stage EdTech and Future of Work startups across the world. Most recently, he was a Principal at the global VC firm Q Venture Partners, where he helped invest in Deep Tech & connected Hardware startups in North America. Prior to that, he led Hong Kong’s first corporate accelerator, Blueprint.

Originally from India, Atin spends his weekends (and some weekdays) trail running Hong Kong’s beautiful country parks.

He’s also just bought a Roland TD-17KV electronic drums kit. Feel free to send messages of support to his wife…

Easiest to connect on Twitter: @batraatin

Last Updated: 4 September 2020