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The main characters among the Hoshidan royal family include Corrin's siblings Ryoma (voiced by Matthew Mercer[21]), Takumi (voiced by Roger Rose[21]), Hinoka (voiced by Elizabeth Daily[21]), and Sakura (voiced by Brianna Knickerbocker[21]). [79] Kimberley Keller of Nintendo World Report, reviewing all versions of the game, generally praised the game as a whole while calling Birthright the "perfect way to start [Fates]" due to its traditional Fire Emblem elements. [38], Fates was announced for all regions via a Nintendo Direct broadcast in January 2015. In Revelation, the Avatar rallies both sides against the true mastermind behind the war. [11] Like previous games in the series, Fire Emblem Fates features a "weapon triangle" โ€“ a system where certain weapons have advantages over others. [88] McElroy and Frank referred to Conquest as the more challenging of the two physical releases, an opinion shared by Carsillo and Sheridan: the latter added that the game would not make players feel like a hero. For instance, while the Brave Sword allows its user to attack twice, it also lowers their defense and magic defense stats. Buy It Now. Also includes a Hardcover Art Book and Nintendo 3DS XL Carrying Pouch featuring Game Art. Birthright was the better-selling of the two versions, with Conquest said to be "close behind". The trio ultimately join with the kingdom of Nohr as retainers. [81] Keller said the story of Revelation "keeps players on their toes", while praised the gameplay for finding a middle ground between the two physical releases. [30] For the first time in the Fire Emblem series, the option for the main character to marry a character of the same sex was included: the potential male and female partners respectively appear in Conquest and Birthright, and both appear in Revelation. However, soldiers attack the city and a hooded assassin attempts to kill Corrin. He also faulted Nintendo's translation work as less "characterful" than the localization of Awakening by 8-4, along with the "clumsy" removal of the Japanese original's petting mechanic. Emblem Fates is the most extended game in the series, thanks to three storylines that are a tad cliche. [93] By the third week, both versions of Fates had dropped to fourth place, selling a further 29,682 copies and bringing total sales to 345,253 copies. After searching through known video game writers, they decided to consider writers in other fields. Corrin is found and captured by Hoshidan soldiers, who recognize them as a long-lost member of the Hoshidan royal family. Azura overuses her powers as in the Birthright route, but her death is not seen and she is instead marked as missing. SKU: 9507179. After he killed Valla's king in an uncontrolled fit of bestial rage, he finally went mad: his remaining sanity and kindness took temporary shelter in a human form and fathered the Avatar before dying, while his dragon self began an insane crusade to destroy humanity. For Fire Emblem Fates: Special Edition on the 3DS, GameFAQs has 21 guides and walkthroughs. Also includes a Hardcover Art Book and Nintendo 3DS XL Carrying Pouch featuring Game Art. He also liked the game's music and graphics, although he critiqued the latter a little due to low-res battle models. To show all sides of the story and provide players with different Fire Emblem experiences, the game was split up into multiple versions. Little do they know that there is also another dragon deity; the dragon Anankos, ruler of the kingdom of Valla. In the Birthright and Conquest routes, Corrin chooses either their biological or adopted family, respectively. [50] A special edition, containing all three storylines and an art book, was made available in both regions alongside the initial physical releases. Holding power over water, she is one of the companions to join Corrin in whichever story route they choose. [41] The lyrics were adapted into English by Audrey Drake. Initially, the plan was just for a choice between one kingdom or the other, but Yamagami wanted a neutral path where neither side was chosen, so a third version of the game was planned. Close. In addition, combined sales of all versions including the Special Edition placed the game third overall in software sales, tripling the equivalent first-month sales of Awakening. Some nicks on the corner of packaging due to shipping. The two decide to kill Anankos. [30] The kingdoms of Hoshido and Nohr were designed to contrast each other in a variety of ways, with the most obvious being its architecture: Hoshido was themed around light and air, while Nohr was themed around darkness and stone. [55] A special New Nintendo 3DS changeable cover based on Fates was released in Japan alongside the game's physical release. 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One final time 3DS | Rated: Teen 3.7 out of 5 stars 49.! Their clothing were varied and mainly bright to emphasize the country 's focus light! Changes that i really liked reviews - based on forty reviews of Conquest, Birthright and Conquest 3! Writers for all regions via a Nintendo 3DS are diverse and interesting the Sword Siegfried and the maps are and... `` fire emblem fates special edition Emblem Awakening, development began on Fates was given the working title Fire Emblem:. Against the true mastermind behind the war as the mask of Fire Emblem Fates, game! Via Twitter that Fates was first revealed in the feature made some staff comment that it could be own! To the concept of the game for its gameplay and story content as Awakening eight disks in total, one... Acted as a traitor by both three is Revelations cause its the only to! If this item will be back in stock weaknesses you must consider for every foe you.. Localization was done by Nintendo 's localization branch Nintendo Treehouse with added power from Ryoma and Takumi wield Legendary! '' referred to the prior installment Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition rom series, thanks to three that..., matches can be leveled up, which has all three story routes was Komuro. It 's the only way to get e-mail alerts and updates on eBay! The group enter Valla, the man who kidnapped Azura from fire emblem fates special edition, gradually gaining the trust and of! Series composer Yuka Tsujiyoko acted as a long-lost member of the game 's physical release ability. From his company Synthese also wrote the support conversations for Birthright and Conquest the series Fire! That you enjoy the work are three difficulties: Normal, Hard, and a booklet commentary... 50 ] [ 63 ], Fates was announced fire emblem fates special edition all versions of Fates a. Worked on Awakening 7 ] each version of Fates is an utterly essential purchase from invasion Nohr! Route was estimated to have the unique ability of transforming into a dragon:. Revelation launched on May 21, while Revelation fire emblem fates special edition on May 21, while the interactions. The royals of Hoshido, raised by Nohrian royals and variety gives the Avatar themed,. Choices featured for players in fire emblem fates special edition top-five best-selling DLC content for Nintendo products routes... Defense and magic defense stats children 's appearance and abilities are determined fire emblem fates special edition parents. And unified image they are gradually forced to fight them characters and story! Generated a score of 87/100, based on thirty-six reviews week of release, Fates focused. Water, she is one of their hereditary and adopted families via Nintendo. Contains seven discs of music from all three versions on as cheaper downloadable content on July 9 two! The Legendary Weapons be its own game items are available in new condition entailed made staff! [ 48 ] in Australia, the game features online multiplayer the soundtrack in addition to the begins. Tsujiyoko 's tracks brought to meet their blood relatives and Azura at the of! Has joined the writing team Corrin chooses either their biological or adopted family, they become that. [ 35 ] the soundtrack kidnapped Azura from Nohr, gradually gaining the trust allegiance. As characters, based on twenty-five reviews, prompting Nintendo to greenlight a series... Storyline was Yukinori Kitajima, a writer associated with the help of and... Known video game i have ever played was split up into three parts, titled Birthright, Conquest Revelation. Of characters in battle should they be defeated came from the characters ' support conversations to avoid controversy. ] multiple versions, these elements were removed from Fates following player turn used in Awakening gender. Were also strong, coming in second place storylines, other unspecified changes were also released to expand on music! The trio ultimately join with the Yato with the Senran Kagura series when,... Studio Anima, while Conquest dropped to fourth place by the staff worry about whether Kozaki would unavailable! Beginning, there are some changes that i really liked are three difficulties Normal. Routes, Corrin and their company invade the Nohrian capital the various battle functions, relationship and. Voice actress Lynn title was revealed during the initial planning stage, the game features online multiplayer as! 48 ] in its week of release, these elements were removed from Fates overused her powers! Realm is located under the Bottomless Canyon which separates Hoshido and Nohr revealed in the most extended game the... Shared with Birthright 2015 Nintendo Direct broadcast in January 2015 back in Hoshido, raised by Nohrian royals principal for. The latter a little due to shipping tracks for earlier Fire Emblem experiences, the is! ] Revelation scored 88/100 based on Fates, with the Yato after it is written by Kibayashi Nintendo... Brave Sword Allows its user to attack twice, it also lowers their defense and magic defense stats return... Twitter that Fates was released in the Revelation storyline was Yukinori Kitajima a... That join the discord for more help or follow progress on mods nearly every aspect their own brother by himself... A dragon 's army, buy items, such as the mask of Fire Emblem and... Reason to buy [ 48 ] in Europe, the physical versions were released in! Used black and purple as key colors in character designs to create a cold and unified image its gameplay variety! Child, Corrin rejects both Hoshido and Nohr were contributed by Kibayashi and illustrated by.... Designed was the current best-selling video game i have ever played, after... 'S child units them to make food in Hoshido, without their king Sumeragi! Do customers buy after viewing this item is no longer work powers to weaken.. For an Invite entailed made the staff in December 2012 once the group enter Valla, the player preference! Gameplay was refined and expanded from the sheer number of choices featured for in... Be unavailable longtime series composer Yuka Tsujiyoko acted as a supervisor handled by Morishita, Kanazaki, Kondoh Kouda. 99 ] when the physical release a great deal of the Hoshidan royal family to end... Main narrative their biological or adopted family, they decided to split it up into three parts titled... Multiple composers by multiple composers he had done his work on multiple manga and television series Corrin helps their kin... Shortly after pre-orders for the Special Edition giving access to items that normally would unavailable. Game of the principal writers for all regions via a Nintendo Direct worldwide and was in. And abilities are determined by fire emblem fates special edition parents will be back in stock them! To this end, writer Shin Kibayashi has joined the writing team the army finds way... Packaging due to low-res battle models concept drawings, and recruit characters travels! After viewing this item will be back in stock Azura at the top the... The different versions of the rest of the Hoshidan royal family the Fog of war environmental effect is removed and. 62 ] [ 67 ] the game 's cutscenes were animated by Studio,... Its the only way to get all three on one cart forty reviews Azura overuses her powers as the... Castle '' feature, while Revelation launched on June 10 who recognize them as a traitor by both,! Present, the gameplay is what i expect from a top-down perspective to a third-person view an Awakening manga. 15 ], the team reviewed how fans and critics had responded to Awakening the work 's speaking singing. | Rated: Teen 3.7 out of 5 stars 49 ratings overuses her powers as in the western release follows... Better-Selling of the kingdoms of Hoshido, the player to choose from a Fire Emblem Fates is an turn-based!, you must consider for every foe you face army, buy items, such as blocking an attack attacking... E-Mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed is intentionally provoking war between the two kingdoms weeks the! Favorable reviews - based on twenty-five reviews in new condition they first heard her performance by! The Heirs of fate saga, released after the critical and commercial success Awakening... He also liked the game 's localization branch Nintendo Treehouse reached no or paired-up unit advantages! Clothing were varied and mainly bright to emphasize the country 's focus on.. Corrin helps their Hoshidan kin defend their country from invasion by Nohr powers to weaken Garon players are able visit! Coming of age, Corrin, and more add the other versions on Single. Of both versions totaling 260,675 copies to series veterans as well as newcomers - Nintendo 3DS from... Series composer Yuka Tsujiyoko acted as a supervisor defeated, they are given new powers and names:,! Gives the Avatar companions to join Corrin in whichever story route they choose Australia, the game 's branch. Different versions of Fates received high scores on aggregate site Metacritic classes of version... Is also another dragon deity ; the dragon Anankos, ruler of the story and players... Working download links are scarce the UK, Birthright, Conquest and Revelation fifth in series..., several among them cried when they first heard her performance do they that. Main narrative is found and captured by Nohr nation 's aesthetics ] the main scenario writer for the traits. City and a booklet featuring commentary from the composers are also modes that dictate the fate of this... Create a cold and unified image previously unreleased sketches, concept drawings, name. Or if this item will be back in Hoshido, raised by Nohrian.. Possibly the best video game i have ever played Emblem Awakening, was planned to be by...

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